Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baseboard Painting

Last weekend Paul and his Dad painted almost all the room's baseboards. Check out the painting system they had in the side yard while they worked in the photos below.

Next step is nailing them in, and then nailing in the shoe molding. We're targeting getting Finn's room done completely before I start back to work June 1st so his room is ready as a play place for him with the nanny.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

After Baseboard Updates

The photos below show paint colors and baseboards in the room. They are not painted or nailed to the wall yet.... such a production! :-)

Finn's curtains are now up thanks to help from Gramp and Gram Madden yesterday, but you can see in the photos I still need to let the hem out of two sets of curtains and then re-sew them. Also note the new white shelf in Finn's room - this was natural in our Colorado house and I painted it the trim color to go in his new room.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Progress Before Baseboards

The baseboards were delivered yesterday and Paul has almost the whole upstairs cut and baseboards in place already. He'll do the lower level tomorrow and then he needs to nail them in. Then we need to paint and caulk and touch up all the room paint. Lots of work ahead of us! But progress nonetheless. Below are some photos of the living room and dining room (and my address sign that's moved with me from Atlanta!) before the baseboards arrived.

Azaleas and Yard

Here are some photos of the yard before all the azaleas and irises died.

Empty and Ready to Go!

As of the 15th of April, the house is empty and we're able to get in to start working! Pretty much every room is getting new paint colors. Most rooms and hallways have already been painted, but we still have bathrooms and family room still to paint.

Guest Bathroom (Lina's!)

Main level powder room

front hallway from upstairs

my office

my office

front hallway from downstairs

upstairs hallway outside Lina's room

upstairs hallway

Lina's room

Lina's room

guest room

master bedroom

master bathroom

dining room

living room

family room

Finn's room

Finn's room

Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's Start With the Real Estate Listing Photos

Here are the photos from the listing when the house was for sale so you can see where we started.