Monday, November 28, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

Of course I started decorating for Christmas after we finished celebrating Thanksgiving!  Lina helped me to put several Charlie Brown garlands together to make a a nice full garland for the stairs, and then I decorated it with pinecones I'd saved from our house in Georgia and some Christmasy green and red ornaments from Costco and berry/sparkly picks from JoAnn.

Rearranging Furniture

We moved furniture around this weekend for a few reasons.  We needed to make room for the Christmas tree in front of the bay window, and the chaise of the sectional kind of crowded that area where it sat in the beamed ceiling family room just off of the garage.  Also, I don't really want a "formal" living room that is never used.  I would rather it be a comfortable, usable space that we use regularly.  Lastly, the sectional also felt too big for the family room, and the sofa looked a little odd as the only furniture in the living room.  The furniture is really just too big.  Lesson learned - don't buy furniture without measuring first - even if it's a great sale at Restoration Hardware!  The only place we've been that this furniture really fit well was our rental in Annapolis that had a HUGE open concept living space.  We're happy with how this turned out, though have some issues to work out with mounting a tv above the mantel, and we also think it's a weird for the sectional to block part of the entry door from the dining room.   Hmm... There doesn't seem to be another way to arrange it, and on the plus side, we can really seat a few people comfortably now.