Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guest Bathroom Transformation

Before Lina got here, we wanted to do a mini-renovation on her bathroom. We kept the tile in the tub and the tub/tub fixtures themselves the same, and just changed the floor, the paint, and the vanity. Here are the almost-finished results. We still need to put up a mirror or two above the vanity, and finish repairing the wall where we removed a single vanity from the toilet/tub back section of the bathroom



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gutter Replacement & Mastershield Installation

Today we're having our gutters replaced and Mastershield gutter protectors installed over top of them. The installers did Extreme Makeover Home Edition Baltimore! Cool, right? We figure with all these trees, we wanted to go with the best product we could find to keep debris/dirt/leaves out. Look at all the dirt that was in the existing gutters! We're switching to 6" gutters on the front and back large part of the house and larger downspouts, too. Of course, some extra unexpected excitement is some rotten fascia board at the back of the house. Lovely. You can tell there is a section that's white already where we knew we had a problem and the owner of the company doing the install said his guess is that that has already been replaced because it was rotten before.