Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Updates

Office - still needs trim replaced on outside corners but painting and baseboards are
otherwise done.

Also changed the hardware on the two office doors from brass to brushed nickel.
We plan to change it on all doors eventually.

Finn's room now has registers back on and baseboards and shoe molding secured.
Just need to touch up some paint around the doors where we caulked and hem his
curtains and we'll be done with his room.

Paul and his Dad plan to put baseboard upside down below the
stairs shown in the photo below.

One view of our bedroom. Our room still needs the most work out of
all rooms. We are thinking of turning these three closets into a walk in and
cutting into the room to do this.

Upstairs hallway outside Finn and Lina's rooms. Still need to
Scotchgard this rug.

Upstairs hallway looking down to front hall.

Improvement to the staircase shown. They put baseboard molding
all the way down the stairs. Looks amazing compared to the small molding that was there!

Another view of the upstairs hallway and the light fixture that is growing on me...

See how much of a mess our room is? We need bedroom furniture and
then we can get more organized.

Another view of the stair molding.

Front hall

Lina's room with new carpeting

Another view of Lina's room. Still need to paint all doors and trim but baseboards
and shoe molding are all secured. Also need to paint and put registers back on.

Sailboat guest room has new curtain rods with bigger round
white balls. Baseboards and shoe molding are secure.

Bar Habor Beige paint in the sunporch playroom now. Still have to do the cutting
in at the ceiling. We may do new baseboard in here, though we weren't planning on it at first.

Dining room boxes are unpacked and put in the china cabinets!
Baseboard is all secured, and shoe molding still needs a little work by the bay window.

Living room baseboard and shoe molding is secured. Need to hang this mirror
above the sofa if we decide to keep it in this room. Also need to scotchgard this rug.

We do plan to recover the chairs that are now red but have to hunt for fabric.

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