Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend Project

I'm pretty sure we have a mouse problem. While they are adorable and I don't mind giving them a nice place to live, it's probably not sanitary, so we have to solve the problem.  I'm going to order some havahart traps for the garage and basement and take them miles away to release them if we ever catch any.  But first, we needed to remove all food sources from the garage (says our nice pest control guy) where we think they might be entering the house.  So.... since we were pulling everything out of the garage to clean up all the bird seed and thistle that has spilled all over the place out there, we decided to wallboard the walls and also put insulation in.  Here's the progress from Day 1:



Next we have to tape and mud the joints and do the whole other side of the garage.  It's turned out to be a big job - not all that surprisingly. But hopefully it will be worth it in the end since we enter our house all the time through the garage....

Day 2:

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